How to remove a package

How bout removing installed package?

I downloaded and installed a package with trial license and I want to remove it.


sudo apt-get remove --purge packagename

sudo updatedb
sudo locate packagename
sudo rm -rf (file/folder name)

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For any beginners reading this, open Welcome > Software and find the package you want to remove and click on the remove icon (or install if you so desire!):

The package I installed was downloaded from the internet not on the software boutique and installed via terminal. I tried to find the uninstaller on package directory but there’s nothing.

And the name of the package is…? :smiley:

Look here.

inxi -r

Should be a link to it. Use ‘Software Sources’ app to disable or remove it.

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Ow…it’s edrawmax 30 days trial…just need substitute for visio.

I loaded up Edrawmax. The only directory created was in /opt. To remove in terminal,

sudo rm -r /opt/EdrawMax-8.2

Plus of course the original extracted folder and you should be done.

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Thank s a lot…I will try this one …

I want to uninstall Google Earth, but can’t find the package name
I went through the source list and also did us inxi -r
Can’t find
It was originally installed from the web site. not from the Boutique

There seems to be a googleearth-package in the repos whose description says it will build a Debian package. So I assume it’s a script that downloads the binary and build a .deb.

It should work but it’s probably a better idea to go on the website and download the 64 bit deb (unless you’re on Ubuntu MATE 32 bit) then install it. I assume it’ll add a source list for its own repo to update it over time, it’s what Google usually does.

Understood. But on their site I see nothing that even refer to uninstall
So. If a .deb package I need to take another route to uninstall that what is referred to above in this thread.


In my digging around I finally found this:
sudo apt remove google-earth-* && sudo apt autoremove

Your reply did help me give direction to my search. Thanks.

It works !

Oops, sorry, I misread your message, I thought you wanted to install it, not uninstall. :sweat:

Anyway, a Debian/Ubuntu repository is just a server that hosts .deb packages. You can also install them manually. So, to uninstall a package, it doesn’t matter how it’s been installed, you can uninstall everything in the same way: you can use apt-get with the remove option as you did, you can also use Synaptic; it’s pretty useful to manage packages with a GUI. Even if it didn’t appear in the MATE Boutique, you would have found it in Synaptic.