How to remove scroll bar from the middle of the Brisk menu?

Just wondering how I can remove the scroll bar from the middle of my Brisk menu?

I wouldn't mind making the menu larger, it just is kinda ugly having the massive bar in the middle for seemingly no good reason.

I don’t see any options for changing Brisk’s size, but you could try editing your menu entries to hide one or two categories. For example, my “Education” category only has one app, so if it were me I could move that app to a different category and hide that category.

I tried that and it did work… but now its back again.

Could really use a way to resize the actual menu.

AFAIK, editing the menus only editing copies made in your user, not the system. So you should have a folder ~/.local/share/applications that will now have some files that end with .desktop. These are copies, with your changes, of the system ones. If you delete them, then you should get the defaults menus back.

Yep deleting my gnome config sorted out them completely disappearing at least.