How to remove Ubuntu Pro banner

If you run sudo apt upgrade, and get a notification for universe packages, you may be frustrated by this. Although Ubuntu Pro has its benefits, I'm sure the message could be better.

If you want to remove it permanently, type this in the terminal:

sudo rm /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/20apt-esm-hook.conf

And you're done!


Hi, @Basil_Cat :slight_smile:

That's a good tip (thanks!), but I think there is a less drastic way to get rid of "Ubuntu Pro" (formerly known as "Ubuntu Advantage") advertisements in the terminal, which is by typing the following command:

sudo pro config set apt_news=false

Do you agree? For additional context, I posted the following reply about that command, also here in the Ubuntu MATE Community, back in November 2022, in another topic ("Announcements in MATE terminal") that was started back then by @mickee (Brian Bogdan):


Thank you very much for this info :smiley:
The 'pro' command is new to me.
also thanks for the 'config' keyword in
pro config set apt_news=false
which seems to be an undocumented option
(i.e. not mentioned in the 'man' )
Are there any more undocumented options ? Or could you point me to the source where you found that info ?

TNX again for this valuable info :slight_smile:


Hi, @tkn (thom),

You're quite welcome :slight_smile: Actually, the source for that undocumented option came from running the sudo apt upgrade command itself that, at least back in the November 2022, returned the following "text banner":

# News about significant security updates, features and services will
# appear here to raise awareness and perhaps tease /r/Linux :wink:
# Use 'pro config set apt_news=false' to hide this and future APT news

You may find some additional context about that text banner / advertisement ("ad") in another reply of mine in that "Announcements in MATE terminal" topic, specifically the following reply:

I see that there's also the following related Q&A in "Ask Ubuntu":

Other than that, I've played a bit just now with "pro --help" commands and I've found the following command that shows all (?) the configuration options:

$ pro config set --help
usage: pro set <key>=<value> [flags]

Set and apply Ubuntu Pro configuration settings

positional arguments:
  key_value_pair  key=value pair to configure for Ubuntu Pro services. Key must be one of: http_proxy, https_proxy,
                  apt_http_proxy, apt_https_proxy, ua_apt_http_proxy, ua_apt_https_proxy, global_apt_http_proxy,
                  global_apt_https_proxy, update_messaging_timer, metering_timer, apt_news, apt_news_url

  -h, --help      show this help message and exit

The following "Ubuntu Discourse" (also known as "Ubuntu Community Hub" or "Ubuntu Community Discourse") topic about "Ubuntu Pro", started in October 2022, is also relevant:

I think the initial message of that "Ubuntu Discourse" topic ended up as being the Official "Ubuntu Pro tutorial":

I've also found the official "Ubuntu Pro Client documentation", that you may want to browse:

I hope this helps :slight_smile: