How to Replace Caja File manager


I am using Ubuntu Mate 16.04.
Caja File Manger is good.
But I want to use Thunar file manager instead of caja.
How do I replace Caja with Thunar as the default file manager?

How to fully replace Caja with Nemo by use of terminal command line?
Replace Caja with Thunar?

Hi @Nowhash_Chy, It's in:

System -> Preferences -> Personal -> Preferred Applications


Hii Bill_MI
I already did that.
But the Problem is that,
Caja still manages the desktop, and opens any folders located on it with
Caja - instead of Thunar. Caja also is still in charge of opening
“Computer” from the MATE panel, and I can’t figure out how to change that.
I just want to use Thunar instead of caja completely…
Is there any way to replace default file manager?


You can think of Caja as the desktop shell, not just the file manager.