How to reset windows 7 password with Ubuntu?

I installed a Windows 7 guest on Virtualbox, mainly for Windows only staff. But now I am locked out of the OS because I can’t remember the password. I tried a few ones used frequently but still no luck. How to get into the Windows 7 again on Ubuntu?

Boot Virtualbox with the iso from

well, thanks. it seems a bit complicated.

chntpw is a password recovery tool for Windows NT (like Windows 7). I haven’t used it but it can be installed from the Ubuntu repository, via Synaptic or the terminal:

sudo apt install chntpw

See the bottom part of this guide on how to use this tool: (I haven’t used it)


If your problem still hasn’t been resolved, please refer to this detailed tutorial on how to use Ubuntu Live CD to reset lost Windows 7 password.

Remember to take a snapshot of your virtual machine once getting back in. The next time you forget your password, so you can restore the VM to a previous snapshot.

I also used ubuntu live to reset my windows 7 password, when i'm making an USB reset disk, it always keeps saying ""not table found.

I followed the steps but Chntpw can't locate the sam file on my computer.

I’d just use mintstick from in order to write a bootable image of Trinity Rescue Kit for USB. Else you can burn it to disk. Easiest way to do it, and Trinity is chock-full of other system maintenance tools.

can I use it to reset my UEFI computer?

Those who recommend NT password must be a computer expert,as NT password does nothing for computer idiots like us.
They will do better than NT password.