How to restore MATE icon for the menu with a custom theme applied

Hi, I'm totally new to Ubuntu MATE, decided to kind of go old school

Gnome, as well that the memory leak on Gnome 42 was causing my Ubuntu to crash. So after applying the theme, the icon for the MATE menu on top panel has switched to a Gnome foot icon. I have read some posts as to how to fix this using start-here-symbolic.svg, but I don't know where to put the icon. It's a GTK3 theme MC-MAC-Mojave. Any help would be appreciated - looking for the path that the current icon is and replace with a MATE one. Perhaps someone can shed some light on the dconf org-mate-panel-menubar-icon-name?

Fixed. Added start-here.svg icon into the icon theme folder. (scalable/places)

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