How to set a keyboard shortcut for selecting text?

There is a known shortcut to quickly jump between endings of words in a text: ctrl + left/right arrow.
On my former laptop (HP), which had a larger keyboard with the numeric keypad on the right, I also apparently used shift+ctrl+left/right arrow shortcut to select/highlight words (or whatever chunks of chars without spaces).
Now I am on a laptop with a smaller form factor (Thinkpad E14) and a smaller keyboard and I can't find a way to set up this keyboard shortcut. In Settings and in the section where to define a needed keyboard shortcut there seems to be no option for a keyboard shortcut for text highlighting.

Is there a way to set up this shortcut on the latest stable Ubuntu Mate version and E14 laptop?
(i.e. for selecting words in a text/code editor, including in-browser editors)

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Wasn't aware or using those shortcuts but here on Dell Laptop in Pluma and LibreOffice Writer works but differently.
Pluma Ctrl-Right and Shift-Ctrl-Right goes to end of word
LibreOffice Write Ctrl-Right and Shift-Ctrl-Right goes to start of next word
In both Ctrl-Left and Ctrl-Shift-Left go to start of next word
Not aware of browser editors but in this post reply shortcuts work like in Pluma
Thanks have another feature to use while playing with Bash scripts. Learned something new.

Edit: Thanks to @smith75 I neglected to mention that the Ctrl-Shift Arrow options highlighted text and the Ctrl Arrow options just moved cursor in my Pluma. Sorry for missing including this.

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You are using a shortcut to only jump from one word to another. And I wanted to get a shortcut to select a word/text, which would also allow to quickly cut/delete it.

It seems I found the solution on this Thinkpad E14 now upon reading your reply. shift+AltGr+left/right or shift+left/right allows to highlight a word or text.
AltGr key is just to the right of the space key and I used it vary rarely on larger keyboards.
It seems this key (AltGr or shift+AltGr) also allows to select special not commonly used characters present on the keys in different keyboard layouts.

Hope I may work or code faster with these shortcuts, but no guarantee.


Guess we are both winners. In Pluma on my box it works using your Ctrl-Shift-Right. Highlights copy and paste. Probably something determined in the keyboard layout. Am using Generic 105-key PC. Edited previous post to mention the Ctrl-Shift Arrow options were highlighting and the Ctrl Arrow options moved cursor.

It seems for different laptops the keyboard shortcuts slightly differ (or was due to previous Ubuntu Mate LTS versions).
When I was on HP and Ubuntu 20.04, it seems the shortcut for text selection was shift+ctrl+left/right and it selected entire words (which had no spaces) at a time.
On a current laptop shift+AltGr+left/right or shift+left/right shortcuts still select a single character or space at a time, a bit slower though.