How to set left-Alt instead of right-Alt for window move?

Using 24.04, and I cannot left-alt+drag to move windows. I have to use right-alt+drag to move windows. How can I change this?

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Welcome @jed_reynolds to the community!

Default install with a PC-105 NL, US or UK keyboard (no dead keys or the like) has left-alt ( or both alts) as default for windows moving.

If it doesn't work, it might either be that:

  1. the selected keyboard layout is incompatible with actual keyboard
  2. the alt-key got assigned to another function
    ( you can find these in "control panel" -> keyboard -> layout -> options. You can reset all options to default: "control panel" -> keyboard -> layout ->r eset to defaults" )
  3. the left alt is broken.
  4. Something is broken on a deeper software level but that would affect all users and I consider that a very low probability.
  5. The 24.04 ISO you used is corrupt (tip: compare the checksum of the ISO to the published checksum)