How to set the clock to 24 hour format on Ubuntu Mate 22.04

I can't change the clock to 24 hour format. It used to be a slider button, but with later versions os Ubuntu Mate that has disappeared and is harder and harder to find out how to set it. Please put the slider button back.

You're right.
I expected the setting to be in mate-control-center -> indicators -> date and time
but I didn't see it there.
Maybe someone forgot it to put it there, filing a bug would be the logical next thing to do.

Anyway, here is for some workaround (in two different ways):


  1. The commandline way:
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface clock-format '24h'


  1. The GUI way:
    choose dconf-editor from menu and open it.
    search for 'clock-format'
    You will see this

    click one of the settings (in this example, the first)

Hi another possibility in my UM22.04 I right click on clock / preferences


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Yay !! that is the old panel clock :slight_smile:

Strange, on my install Clock Format is missing from the Clock Preferences options:

The new clock:
mate-control-center -> indicators -> date and time
enough settings but also no Clock Format

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IDK just clicked add to panel and selected clock. :grin:
Didn't see another choice.
OK disregard my answer, further checking I removed Evolution and thus the ayatana-indicator-datetime which is dependent on it.
Sorry for confusion, but like my adjuster better. :grinning:
Edit: Added strange that a bunch of other ayatana are installed image:

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Yes, I like your adjuster also better.
But poor me is missing the 12/24 hour format options switch that you have, and we're both using the same clock on the same UM22.04 so theoretically this can't be happening :slight_smile:
What version is your clock ?
Mine is 1.26.2

(b.t.w. The bunch of installed Ayatana-indicators look like the standard batch you get after install. This is pretty much the same list as in mate-control-center -> startup programs)

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Here is my version.

Edit: Maybe location, I'm in US.?

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You are right.
When I change my regional settings from NL to US or UK it suddenly shows the 12h/24h radiobuttons.

Is this a bug or a feature ? :grin:


Hello computek45

This is a work-around:

  • Open the Synaptic package manager (you can install it from the software boutique).
  • search for the package "orage" (Calendar for Xfce Desktop Environment)
  • install "orage"

"Orage" should now be visible either via the Applications menu, or the Brisk menu if you are using that.

This will add a second calender display in your panel (if I remember you may have to add it to the panel yourself). One advantage of "orage" is that when you click it open - it stays open until you click it to make it reduce to the panel.

Hope that helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just a note in my UM22.04 the clock stays open until clicking on the title bar. Sorta remember in 20.04 it didn't.

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Dear Friends,

I found it, after trying everything for 23.04 in case someone lands here.

in dconf it is in org ayatana indicator datetime
one must change from default to '24h'

guessing like this should not work, but sometimes does


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My OS: LUbuntu 22.04 LTS 64bits

For listing settings, type in terminal:
gsettings list-recursively | grep clock

For display the date :
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface clock-show-weekday true

Then remove to the panel the clock and add it again for updating its display (right click and remove, then right click add and select clock)

Hope this helps


Welcome @UbuntuUser to the community!

I was able to finally able to change the clock to 24 hour format and add the day of the week and date.
With the copying and pasting the following commands in the terminal.

gsettings set org.ayatana.indicator.datetime time-format 'custom'
gsettings set org.ayatana.indicator.datetime custom-time-format '%A %m/%d/%y %H:%M%'