How to setup headless mode in Raspberry pi 4 having ubuntu mate 20.04 installed

I had downloaded the image from ubuntu mate website and then using rpi images I installed the images in rpi4 but now I want to setup headless mode so that is get connected to wifi automatically and I can remotely access it from my laptop.
But there is no config file for this
How can I do the setup for the same

Welcome @Siddharth_Bhurat

There are a couple of things you can do to get it running headless, as I do so myself for my Pi 3:

I've never really figured out the WiFi situation well, since I often have to provide passwords and authentication methods. Thankfully, I've discovered that, since I am running Ubuntu MATE on my MacBook Pro, I can actually copy over the NetworkManager config files from my machine to the Pi's SD card and have it connect to that network.

To do so, copy over the files located in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections to the same location on the Pi. It didn't work immediately, but that was because I had to change the files. For each connection file, you will need to adjust the line, where <...> represents the network interface on your device:


In my case, I needed to change it to wlan0 for the Pi. I imagine this is the same across the different Pis, but you should definitely look into it just to be safe.

If you want a graphical interface with remote desktop, it wouldn't hurt to install NoMachine on both your machine and the Pi so that you can connect to your Pi that way, if you wish to not use SSH. I use this software with my college when connecting to our Linux server, and it works pretty well (though I prefer using SSH).

I hope that helps you get started!

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