How to stop WINE from reverting disabled desktop integration at every update?

I like my WINE prefixes to be fully self-contained, without links back to the user’s Desktop/Documents/Videos/etc. folders.
However, unchecking most of these in winecfg (with the exception of “Documents”) is reverted on the first launch after every WINE update.
Can you somehow make these settings in a persistent way unaffected by WINE updates?

Perhaps use the hold command?

sudo apt-mark hold wine

Though I should note, this will completely stop all updates to Wine

Sometime, of course, you may wish Wine to update. In which case you would have to temporarily release the hold on it. Which, as things stand as you have described them, means you would have to go into Wine after said update and recheck the options you mentioned. But, at least that way, it will only happen when you want it to and not unpredictably every time you run a system update

I’m not sure why Wine might do this, but a workaround may be to create a script that removes the links to said prefixes and create a regular folder in its place. I tend to skip winecfg altogether and just create those folders.

(I like my wine prefixes to be self contained too)

I think I have figured out what’s going on - except for “My Documents” the other folders are empty. I just put a dummy file into each, hopefully that will keep them around next time WINE updates.

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