How to tile windows north/south?

I have vertical orientation monitors, and I use the Tile North, Tile South options in XFCE a lot. I do not see that option in Keyboard Shortcuts. Is this something I can add as a user?

No, the default windowmanager "marco" does not have that option.

You can replace "marco" with "compiz" which does have that option.

  1. install compiz:
sudo apt install compiz compiz-mate compizconfig-settings-manager
  1. replace marco with compiz:
    Open mate-control-center and select mate-tweak:

    As far as I remember, tiling north and south are Alt-KPD8 and Alt-KPD2 but you can check c.q. change that by selecting "Open CCSM" to configure your preferences, including tile-north and tile-south shortcuts