How to use recovery key generated during install

Installed ubuntu-mate 20.04.3 Lts and selected encryption option. During the install a recovery key was generated. I wrote down the all numeric recovery key. What can I do with the recovery key that I wrote down?

Not into encrypted drives but maybe here if this is what you encrypted your system as.

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Thank you mendy for the URL. But I have additional questions on the same issue.

  1. Does the zfs encryption procedure also apply to LVM encryption?

  2. The zfs encryption answer says you need to pass the key as part of the mount command. But I could not find a reference to the key in the 'man mount' documentation other than a signed key?

  3. I installed Ubuntu Mate on a computer after disconnecting the C drive. Then after verifying the install worked I reconnected the C drive. Would that change be enough to require use of the recovery key?


Sorry but here am not using as just personally don't feel at ease with encryption on drive. But as to recovery key make sure you have it saved somewhere as never know when it may be needed.

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