How to use X2Go?


I'm not able to connect the client to a x2go server. Please, how to use x2go to control desktop remotely?

On client side, X2Go client installed from the boutique : check
On server side, x2Go server installed from the boutique : check
Both have internet connected : check
Both, client and server, running Ubuntu Mate 20.04
Client is on a router different of the server.
On client, I set a new session with the IP public of the server, username, port SSH 22 and Mate in type of session.
Both have same username and password.
When I try to connect to server: error, time out.
Could you help me ?

Are you on the same network ? If you are not, you need some extra conf on your router (Nat, ...)

Are you serious? With teamviewer, nomachine or anydesk no need to change settings of router or NAT. Machines are not on the same network. I want to use x2go by Internet.

You need port forwarding on port 5900 in your router. Here's a link that shows how to do that.
See bypass router section,

BTW, nomachine does not connect over Internet, I need to port fwd port 4000.

Only TeamViewer connects over Internet w/o any changes to the router.

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If you are going over the internet I always suggest using an SSH tunnel for security

With your comments, I can use X2Go on local network, but not over Internet. I discover that X2Go is not a desktop control remotely of a user but it open another session on the server, which is I don't want. Anyway, I give up with X2Go, because DWService is fixed:

DWservice is very simple in particular on server side, very efficient with very old person, as teamviewer.