How to use xfwm in mate?

how to use xfwm4 in mate tweak (it work with xfwm4 --replace at boot, but it doesn’t appear in mate tweak?)

I don’t understand your method. If you add a window manager is should be present at the login screen (upper right corner). After that, it should boot to the WM of your choice. What command did you use to install?

No it’s not the desktop that I want to change but just the window manager.
With mate-tweak I can choose marco, Compton, compiz and even mutter!
I would then use the Xfce window manager (xfwm) in mate, but it does not appear in mate-tweak.
if not how to start instead of marco?

MATE Tweak doesn’t currently integrate third party display managers.

You can add it as a start-up command for when you log on to your desktop: System → Preferences → Personal → Startup Applications

Just because I’m curious: Why replace marco with xfwm4? What’s the benefit of doing so?

Maybe I want to do the same :wink:

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I will wish to use the Xfce window manager in mate because it can target a window on the left and right half (compton too but…), especially for zooming with alt + scroll mouse.
Marco and Compton does not offer this zoom desktop exept compiz but I did not really trust in the stability of compiz (which I believe is not really maintained?), While the Xfce window manager is lightweight, stable, and allows the famous zoom.
I installed gnome shell for testing and window manager Mutter appeared in mate-tweak, and since it also offers Compton and compiz, I thought wrong to mate tweak allowed to choose the window manager installed on the computer :slightly_smiling:
Ultimately I try compiz but if you know a way to use properly xfwm4 in mate …