How to use zoom and invert colors?

I just installed Ubuntu mate 18.04 (I really dislike Ubuntu default)… So here i am in Ubuntu Mate 18.04.

How do i zoom in and out?
How do i invert colors?

I install compizconfig-settings-manager and compiz-plugins

Both zoom and negative is enabled, but the default keyboard shortcuts dosent work. I tried to change them to my default, but didnt solve it either. Last option was rebooting (That use to work, but didnt).

Can someone help me out? Its quiet hard to read on the screen so no long tutorials please…

Hi @kescba, I'm guessing Compiz is not your window manager so its features are not working. The window manager can be selected in MATE-Tweak as shown below near the bottom.

When switching window managers you should get a confirmation notice that the switch was successful.

I hope this helps. Zoom is my main reason to use Compiz.

If you’re looking to get more from compiz, you can use Scott Moreau’s 0.8 branch he continues to maintain up to this day. I recommend switching away from Compiz before doing so, and you are performing this at your own risk, but I wrote a fairly detailed guide explaining how to install here.

Admittedly there is outdated information in there but it’s still fairly accurate. I’ll fix it up for modern releases later.