How to watch TV and listen to FM radio with the Hauppauge WinTV HVR 5525 PCIe card?

I’ve already visit the site and reserch for drivers and Linux, on support too, but there’s nothing with respect to this Europe’s PCIe card. They have solutions for old American cards on Linux 2!!! The TV system is not the same neither the hardware! What should i do? :frowning:

Could i use Kobi to watch TV & listen to FM radio or there’s a better option? :blush:

Hi @Paulo_Ramos,

see this thread and let us know if it helps!:


Great news is, drivers for your card are now built into the kernel since version 4.1, so there’s no need to search for drivers or spend time compiling.

My personal preference is a Tvheadend back-end, with Kodi front-end,

Tvheadend can initially seem difficult to install and set-up, but is very powerful and lightweight. I can help with set-up and any questions.

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I use Kaffeine to watch and record TV, I installed this program on two different cards and drivers do not lack. try it and comment.

sudo apt-get install Kaffeine.

Hi Dave,

if you have any info that would be helpful to people with TV cards, please let me know and we can add it to the guide I posted above!. :smiley:

Hi @Josele13,

I think that command should be like the following?:

sudo apt-get install kaffeine

Please bear in mind that the terminal installation commands are case sensitive, if you type any characters with the wrong name, it will throw out the command!. :smiley:

It is true, I will be more attentive to this, the phone makes you corrector unexpected changes,
Thank you.

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Hi Mr IQ, :smiley:

Will do!
So saying, probably best to wait a while, Tvheadend 4.2 should be out soon, its web interface has changed quite a bit since the previous release (not to mention numerous fixes). Currently using nightly builds. :slight_smile:

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Not too long I trust Dave, I am an impatient git!. :smiley:

Hi @Paulo_Ramos,

did you also check the English language site for Ubuntu info?:

I have edited the digital TV how-to to include the above address!. :smiley:

There’s a great cure for those who are impatience; will tell you later!! :smile:

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