HP Envy 4500-- Failed to Scan, Unable to connect to scanner

Had this trouble when I first installed 18.04. IIRC a line of code had to be taken out, then flawless. Didn't use 20.04. The original install on 22.04 worked great. Now last week's update and back to the above referenced topic title. Have looked at HP and Ubuntu support sites and attempted to try some of their suggestions. Sorry I didn't document what I did to fix things four years ago and some of the flailing around that I've done since last night's attempt to scan. The printer function works fine. UPDATE-- Still can't get the Ubuntu 22.04 scan driver to work, but I was able to work around things a bit by installing the HP Smart App on my phone. That took a bit of fumbling around, forgot how old those Envy 4500 printers are.

Hello csandste

This might be an option worth considering:

I hope you get your hardware working again. :slightly_smiling_face:

Saved the link, but if I read things properly, the Envy isn't supported. (They say they support 7000+ scanners so I must have misread, I'll research). Thank you.

Hello csandste

Yes, you might have misread, I used their "search function" and found:

I have had to use this software on Linux in the past - it worked. :slightly_smiling_face:

Using the HP Android ap seems to work OK, although it involves uploading then downloading to my computer and they're always nagging me about my ink levels. This happened to me with 18.04 and it was a simple one line fix. Hopefully it will show up again. This time I'll document carefully for further updates.