HP Photosmart C309g Prints Blank Pages 16.10

I’ve followed wolfman’s instructions for HP printer installation and while my printer is added and prints test pages fine, it will not print anything from a file. This is both from LibreOffice and from the HPLIP utility itself. The print head makes the movements like it is dropping ink, but it does not. This printer worked on Windows yesterday before installation. Any ideas as to what I’m missing? Thank you.

Hi @jco42,

I have found that it pays to print the same page (a small text file) several times as the cartridges seem to dry very quickly!.

Try a test file under Windows first just to confirm that the jets aren’t blocked!. :smiley:

Thanks @wolfman. I can print the test pages in all the colors of the rainbow from the dialog boxes upon installation and on demand from the utility after install. Even the black comes out on the test page.

My Windows install has been blown away with no looking back… Including my holiday card labels, the one file I forgot to copy over :slight_smile:

Hi @jco42 ,

is the file you cannot print been encrypted or is your problem solved now?. :smiley:

Hi @wolfman,

So I don’t think my problem is UM anymore. I changed my text color and everything printed just fine. I guess the black that printed was the “Photo Black” on the test pages. I did have an issue with the black cartridge on this before moving over to UM but i thought i had resolved it.

Since you seem to know printing are there any recommended brand/model of printer that work best with UM/Linux? This current printer is about 8 yrs old and I am not wanting to put too much more into it.

Thank you again for the help.

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I’ve always had the best luck with HP printers in Linux. You can check here to find the HP printer you’re considering, and find out what is supported with various distros, as well as get installation info that compliments what @wolfman has previously documented.

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Got to agree with you @linux4me, I find that HP printers basically work out the box and have great Linux support across all platforms!. :smiley: :thumbsup:

The only real gripe I have is the cost of the printer refills!. :frowning:


thanks @linux4me and @wolfman. All good points. I was looking at a Dell E525W. The tech sheet says it supports 12.04. Being new to Linux is there a large difference between 12.04 and 16.10 when it comes to printing where this might not work? It’s a bit less expensive than the lowest HP model I’ve seen. Thoughts?

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I have no idea, take a look here first!:


I would still go with an HP printer as Dell are a closed shop so to speak!. :slight_smile:

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thanks @wolfman my wallet is a closed shop too! :slight_smile:

I did see that article maybe i’ll keep shopping around for other HPs. Thanks.

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Hi @jco42,

take a look here and filter out what you don’t want and you might find something in your price range!:


I don’t know what country you are in so maybe try a local search?. :smiley:

Happy New Year all!. :smiley:

thanks again @wolfman. I’m in the USA. I settled on the HP M177fw. I went “refurbished” from the Amazon Warehouse Deals and it came in under $170 USD so we’ll see how it goes. I don’t print much anymore which is why I went laser. The negative reviews seemed to focus around noise and speed which are not major concerns of mine. I’ll let everyone know how it goes.

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Also take a look on eBay as you might find a new one for the same price there?:


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I got the new HP M177fw printer today from Amazon. It installed like a dream and works like a charm. Thanks again @wolfman

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Hi @jco42,

I hope it prints like a charm, my HP Printer gets a bit iffy with the Printer cartridges now and then but apart from that it’s fine!. :smiley: