HUD hotkey (LEFT ALT) interfering with other shortcuts

Using the LEFT ALT for HUD in ‘CONTEMPORARY’ layout is interfering with other shortcuts like and ALT+RIGHT-CLICK (to resize windows), ALT+D (in chrome to switch to address bar) and others. Can we please provide method remap it to RIGHT ALT or … super button?


I also think this would be a nice to have option. For me it interferes with Firefox Back (ALT + left) and Forward (ALT + right) shortcuts. Luckily there are alternative shortcuts I can use (CTLR + [ and CTRL + ]) but my muscle memory has gotten used to the ALT shortcuts.

I’m not sure if this is related but when I have the global menu activated I can’t use the ALT shortcuts to access menu items. For instance, I can’t use ALT+f to access the file menu in Caja. This isn’t limited to Caja, I can’t use the ALT+ shortcuts to access any menu items.

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