I can only mount my USB_driveZ (read_only)


I can only mount my USB_driveZ (read_only).

I’ll try this without errors:

sudo mkdir /mnt/sdf1

sudo chown -R $USER:mate /mnt/sdf1

sudo chmod 755 /mnt/sdf1

sudo mount -o force,rw /dev/sdf1 /mnt/sdf1

Under drive permissions: user&group = root :frowning: (not changed to user)

What can I do to solve my problem? I can only create folders/files with root on that USB_drive.

I want use gnome-disks to mount. Mount-options on gnome-disks with rw?

I solved it by removed “usbmount” from Synaptic.

Now I can read&write on my USB-devices.