I can't change the appearance with the lightdm GTK+ interface configuration

Changing the settings with the application, "lightdm GTK+ interface configuration" from the control center I have no success, since changing the theme icons, font type, size, touching other available settings such as: panel, changing the position of the login on the screen, among others, nothing has helped me.

After I reboot the system everything remains the same as the first time I installed the system, with the green background and matte logo. I have actively reviewed the forum to see if anyone else has happened the same as me and I have not found information, however if anyone has seen the lightdm guide or problems regarding this issue I would appreciate it if you could refer me to that answer.

I may have to edit a file or two to change the look and feel of the default interface. I have tested on ubuntu mate 22.04 from a virtual machine and from my ubuntu mate 21.10 but without achieving the slightest change. From Debian 11 with mate desktop environment I did manage to change these settings with lightdm's gtk+ interface tool. I don't know what I'm doing wrong in the process.

thanks for the help.

Hi @TimeShift12,

Ubuntu MATE is not using lightdm-gtk-greeter by default. UM 20.04 is using slick-greeter (has a working configuration tool in control center), UM 20.10 has switched to arctica-greeter (to my knowledge, no working configuration tool yet).

You may want to check this thread for arctica-greeter configuration tips. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the help @ironfoot, I found your information useful to make decisions. I tried changing the desktop background with arctica-greeter and it worked. I didn't know what code for the cursor I should add so I actually not only wanted to change the background, I also wanted my cursor to be applied globally, both in flatpak and .deb applications.

In snap packages this is not possible so I decided not to use this kind of software until I have a solution for this issue, of course it is annoying that this kind of packages take too long to open, the performance is lousy. But at the moment I only managed this by leaving litghdm and I think that's the one I'm going to stay with. Undoubtedly the information towards this thread is spectacular.

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