I get a black screen when booting from USB

I have an Asus G11CD and when I try to boot from the USB the keyboard icon pops up then a black screen with a little underscore pop up and after that my monitor loses signal and I get a black screen. This happens with every single Ubuntu based distro I try to install. It did not happen with Mint for some reason though.

GTX 970
8GB Ram

[quote=“SadPotato, post:1, topic:13599”]It did not happen with Mint for some reason though.[/quote]Could be any number of reasons. Anyhow, which exact versions of Ubuntu are you trying? The exact flavours are mostly irrelevant since they are exactly the same as far as hardware support is concerned.

So, which version is more important. And, which versions of Mint do work? See, it could be related to the kernel version being used.