I have a suggestion for PULL DOWN TERMINAL

hello friends,

I have a suggestion for pull down terminal. It is a very handy tool for me as i can start new terminal which defaults above all different windows i have opened. it helps immensely in my productivity. But, a few things i have noticed for ex. both clear and exit perform exact same task i.e. clear the terminal screen.

So, a thought occurred to me that what if entering exit closes the PULL DOWN TERMINAL window.

Thanks for listening/reading

I'm using Ubuntu MATE 19.10 right now and my 'exit' resets and hides my Tilda drop-down terminal. You can set it to close by default if you want to.
All you have to do is show your Tilda, right click on the Tilda background, click on options/preferences and watch the bottom span of the general tab.

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