I have trouble in input method switching

  1. The gif below shows that, when i click the desktop and the terminal in turn, the panel will show "us" or not, which may be because the focus is changed

  2. The first point is not the problem, when "us" is shown and i click the icon, terrible things happens: an white window pop up then the desktop is crash and there is no any reaction

  3. By the way, when "us" is not shown, click the icon is fine, everything works well

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Try to install ibus with sudo apt install ibus. After that open Language Support.
Select input method system as ibus. If you can' see Figure-2 ,reboot your system.
It will solve your problem.
Edit: How did you add raindrops on your desktop❓ It seems cool.

  1. Currently I'm using fcitx and I can type very well for most of time except that( both english and Chinese), I may not try ibus for now
  2. It's just a picture of desktop, you just need to adjust transparency of the terminal
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