I just love Linux, and Ubuntu-MATE


I donate a small bit every month and think that I am being so cheap because this OS is just so darn awesome. I use it daily A LOT and love it.
So, a while back a co-worker was having issues with his old Gateway. I tried talking him into installing Linux since all he does is surf. But he bought a new Dell a while back and said he thought the hard drive died on his Gateway. He gave it to me to play with and well, again I just LOVE Linux.
It has 1TB rust drive, 4GB RAM, Integrated graphics and an Intel Pentium Dual-Core E 6700 3.2GHz.
Mate is using about 660MB of RAM even during the 176 updates. Not sure why I did the update, it might not last long, as it might be a fun distro hopper. I am thinking about sticking a 64GB SATA SSD I have laying around and see how it does :=)
What is sad is that I have a newer AMD Ryzen 3 2200 and can’t get any Linux to run reliably on it, getting ACPI errors. I did put a SSD in it with MATE installed already and it would boot about 1 out of 5 times.

Anyway, Just love this distro and LOVE Linux. Thank you all, developers and community!
PS - I am upping my monthly donation after initially posting.