I keep receiving emails from unsubscribed topics

Hi, the title says it all. I also muted ALL categories and I don’t know what else to do.
I’ve been experiencing serious spam issues with this forum. It is the first time I can’t get to stop emails from a forum (it shouldn’t subscribe me to things I haven’t subscribed to).
If this problem can’t be solved, can my profile be removed, please?

It may be a setting in your preferences that's causing this. Find and unset these options:

There's also this at the end of each e-mail:

If it keeps happening, could be a bug with the forums, but I can delete your profile if that's what you'd like to do.

I have the first three options enabled. I’ll disable the third one. I thought it meant it would send me an email for EVERY post in SUBSCRIBED topics (not just the first post/reply in subscribed topics). But in reality mabye it means a new email for any new topic made on the forums. If it stops sending emails, there is no need to remove the profile. Thanks for your time!