I lost my menu bar in caja

I do not know the name of this bar in English
This is the bar that contains “files-edit-view-etc”
Someone knows how to find it
Thank you

Have a look in the dconf editor under org.mate.caja.window-state see if toolbar is checked.

Actually, that setting does not toggle the menubar, but the toolbar beneath (containing buttons for “Back”, “Forward”, “Parent Folder”, “Stop”, “Reload”, etc.).

oops yes your right, sorry bout that, how about reinstalling caja?

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Before reinstalling I’d check if the same happens with a fresh user profile.

I try with the guest session the bar is there.
I reinstalled caja a few days ago.
Thank you.

Edit: Sorry, with pluma it’s the same.

This sounds like a similar problem, see if solution in post #11 works for you:

Gimp main menu missing

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Yes! Thank you very much.

I hereby forward your thanks to @stevecook172001 who came up with the actual solution. All I did was link to it.