I turned off some applications from startup menu

guys, i unmarked the following apps from the startup menu,please let me know if there is any app which is essential for the OS to any app which shouldn't be unmarked

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Welcome @starstar080234 to the community!

Hi sid,

You disabled more or less the same things that i did :slight_smile:
You are OK as long as you don't want, have or need :

  1. nVidia graphics
  2. screensaver
  3. bluetooth
  4. dropbox
  5. accessability options
  6. printing
  7. auto update
  8. automatic bug reporting to launchpad
  9. the welcome screen

It looks like a healthy list to me :slight_smile:


hey,also do you know how to get hardware acceleration on firefox wayland?

No, I don't.

( Ubuntu-MATE does not support Wayland yet so there is no way to get hardware acceleration on Firefox Wayland under Ubuntu-MATE anyway. )