Iconos Personalizado

Hola necesito un programa que permita hacer iconos personalizados en esta distro o simplemente un sitio bueno seguro para descargar algun pack completo gracias por su tiempo.

I think you are asking how to personalize icons. Here is a way to do that.
I change icons or add them if they are not default. I download a .png or jpeg (conver to a png) file from the Internet. Now open a root terminal and save your .png file at usr>shar>icons>mate>48x48>app.(I don't usually go all the way to apps, but I save mine at icons)
Then go to System> Look and Feel> Mate Menu. Pick you program, (Mate calculator) and click on properties. When the launch properties box comes up click on the square in the upper left corner with the icon, or missing icon symbol that will open where the icon is saved usr>shar>icons>mate>48x48>apps. Navigate to your icon and click on your icon that will make it the default icon for the system, or just restore the default icon if it is there.
Here is an example of one I have made for Thunar. I have had a lot of trouble with thumbnails showing in Mate for mp3's. If I open them once in Thunar, then they show up in caja after that. I use the traditional theme and didn't like the default icon, so I made my own.thunar-gray

Aún estoy verde en cuanto a cómo funciona Linux y Ubuntu MATE, pero por lo que veo puedes descargar temas, iconos, etc. Aquí mate-look.org

Espero que te sirva :wink: