Icons in simple / compact mode

How do i remove the invisible margin, so that it shows all the text, instead of .... ?

if you view in "List View" you should be able to see all the text of the filename.

Yes i know, but i want the icons to be shown side by side and not under each other and without

|size|type|date| info. I know that it is a standard function in Linux MINT

But thanks enyway

Open caja/ edit/ preferences/views tab. There is an option under icon view default, Text besides icon and use compact layout, try playing with the different options to get what you want. It seems to me your names might just be to long with to many files in the folder, renaming a shorter name or dividing into more sub folders might also work.

Hope that gives you what you want.

Nothing works, thanks enyway

In "Caja" under menu "Edit" select "Preferences"

In "File Management Preferences" panel under "Compact View Defaults" turn off "All columns have same width".