Icons of taskbar missing

In Ubuntu mate 22.04, when I restart my laptop the icons of taskbar such as; bluetooth, wifi, battery, sound, time will disappear and they will appear again when I change Desktop Layout. Please if there are some advice it will help me so much thanks.

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First question can you tell me what the top right of forum window shows.
In my system UM22.04.3 the indicator shows M does yours show a white circle. Here shows no icon next to post but clicking on area brings up your information. Off topic.

Now it is in working state. Panels displaying correctly, indicator applet which is in panel showing bluetooth, wifi, batt, etc.
Restart laptop and they are messed up. What precisely do you do to change the panel layout. Which layout are you using?
More information is helpful as someone with similar problem may be able to help.
Are all icons gone or just the indicator applet. IE panel is blank or has launchers and no indicator applet.

Panel on my system is brown, yours will probably be gray.