IDE C compiler help

I am looking for an IDE C compiler.

I thought Geany could do that, but do not know how to set that up.

I started geany, went to Build > Set Build Commands and changed python to python3 (in two places, I dont have python but I have python3). The I wrote this python code, print('hello'), clicked on Build>compile, then Build>execute and I got output (uxterm).

You can do the same with C, C++, or any other language you work with. Hope this helps.

I got it to compile.

But on some other c source code, it could not find some header files.

You can create a Makefile in your Projects dir where you can include (-I flag) the location of the header files and link (-L flag) other libraries. I don't write C code so others who know, should help here.

(some help on how to make Makefile, the 5th looks ok, it has IDIR, LDIR, and LIBS)

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