IDLE's "Confiugre Idle" window is not opening

Hi I am new to this community.

I have recently installed ubuntu-mate 16.04 . I installed idle from terminal by running this code -

$ sudo apt-get install idle

Now when I open its "configure idle" its task bar freezes.

I then tried to run idle from terminal and then open that window the error shown is like

I was not able to solve it any further. Help me please. Thanks in advance

Seems to work for me.

First guess is another ppa (third party software) is causing a conflict. I do not use 'idle' so I'm not going to be much help beyond this.

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I was able to reproduce the bug.
@anon42388993, once that window is open you have to first go to Options -> Configure and then watch your terminal.
@piusbnsl, I think that error comes from an incompatible version of the Tcl/Tk package. I’m not sure how to fix it.

Under Ubuntu MATE 16.04:

tcl is already the newest version (8.6.0+9).

Edit: idle3 is also affected.

Edit2: Submitted bug report on launchpad: Bug #1598673, please mark yourselves as affected using the green link at the top of the page so the bug report will be confirmed and people can start working on it.


And further to the suggestions from @anon42388993 and @ouroumov, make sure you do a full system update which often solves such problems!: