I'm losing my mind! vimtutor is messing with me

My learning curve, especially for an old man, is pretty good. I am trying to master the Vim program. I am using vimtutor but when i get to lesson 3:1 the h & l keys STOP moving the damned cursor? Now I went back through the entire steps before this but every time I get there it does the same thing. I need someone to hold my damned hand for a couple months. Once I get through more of the basics I will be fine. Or lead me to an automated learning environment for Ubuntu lts.
I promise I will become a valuable asset once I master the basics. I want to start a home network security and forensic recovery business in my town and I really have mastered windows as well as taking several old laptops from when I owned an E-Waste recycling company and everyone said " Needs motherboard or some other non-sense. I can fix anything, but I actually DIAGNOSE the problems. I don't slip a cd into the drive and follow its instructions. I just get in there and figure it out. I just keep hitting road blocks and every time I do I REALLY try to find the answers myself because that's how I am , but I usually end in the rabbit hole and have 10,000 Firefox tabs open? PLEASE HELP me and i promise to become a productive Linux operator and I will financially help my teachers. i drive Uber at night and I am a retired automotive dealership Service Manager. i can almost always FIX other peoples things, but when it come to my own IM BROKEN???
I know your time is valuable and I apologize for the dissertation , I just want this community to know who I am


Lesson 3.1 reads, to copy one line marked d) after the line marked c). To do so you go to the beginning of the first line, type dd, that line will be deleted (actually stored in a vim register), then you move to the line c) and type p to bring back the line that was deleted and place it AFTER the current position.

using p (lowercase)
---> b) Violets are blue,
---> c) Intelligence is learned,
---> d) Can you learn too?
---> a) Roses are red,

Lesson reads to repeat similar steps so that the text appears as: (a familiar rhyme)

Hope this helps.


Just to be clear, if you are on newline (blank line), 'h' and 'l' will not work as there is no left and right letters (already at the beginning of line, followed by newline character/carriage return).

In the below picture, cursor is between 5 and d) where 'h' and 'l' don't work but 'j' and 'k' will. You can place cursor at the beginning of d) to carry out instructions.

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Hi :slight_smile:
I was reading this one yesterday and found it interesting. Wanted to share it here but didn't found how. You arrived giving me the chance :slight_smile:

Like all mates here, trying to understand questions and problems of other will be a good start. But from my experience, the best learning is the one you need to do to make your gnu/linux work exactly as you want on your hardware xD
Good luck and welcome to our community ! :slight_smile: