I'm unable to browse the web on 21.10

There's something weird going on with my Ubuntu MATE, and I don't know what.

None of my webpages load, even web apps, like Discord won't run. I know I'm connected to the internet because I can ping (Cloudflare), and connect to PIA VPN.

I double checked my PiHole and it didn't block anything from my device (even changed the IP).

Any idea what it could be?

if ping cloudflare.com doesn't work
but ping does work
then you might have a DNS problem.

If you click on the network icon (network-applet)
and choose 'Connection Information'
you can check if a DNS address is present.

if not, check your network settings:
click on the network icon (network-applet)
and choose 'Edit Connections'
then select your current connection
Click the tab 'IPv4 Settings' and 'IPv6 Settings'
'Method' should normally be 'Automatic (DHCP)' for IPv4 and 'Automatic' for IPv6

Eventually, the problem could be somewhere else on your homenetwork or router or even in the connection to your ISP.

If you use VPN, make sure that you also get the DNS-address via vpn.
You might have to enter the DNS manually but all that should be found
in the info you received from your VPN-provider.

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Figured it out. Somehow, my resolv.conf file is empty. Fixed it by adding my DNS.

Be warned though that systemd can overwrite this file whenever it likes.
On a systemd powered OS, resolv.conf is a symlink to /run/systemd/resolve/stub-resolv.conf

If you don't want systemd to manage resolv.conf, replace the symlink for a regular file with the same info. :slight_smile: