Import/Export your user profile to a central system

I have yet another novice networking question.

Pretty much each laptop contains only one users acct aside from my admin acct.

What I think I'm interested in is having each users personal profile and documents stored on a central "always on" server(witha back UPS on it and the modem/router etc) and allowing them to login from ANY local Ubuntu 20.04 laptop and have their same desktop profile available where they login.

Keep in mind all of the laptops are Ubuntu 20.04 Gnome desktops including the always on desktop which serves as a media/storage server utilizing samba.

So, scenario. My wifes T430 Thinkpad has a broken rear top lid(hinges are fine) that I'm currently waiting on a part to repair it. Since we "home school" She really cant be without her laptop which contains the "curriculum" and things she's setting up for our daughters to do(i.e. assignments, tests, browser[mozilla] bookmarks etc). If necessary I would like her to be able to login on the desktop and have her "complete" profile available there as well.

What would be the ideal setup for something like this?
Again, thanks for any tips, ideas or suggestions.

Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) might work in this case.

Any student can log on to any laptop with their own credentials.

LTSP is used at school labs.


I looked it over during an indoor break during rain and it does not seem to like my "wifi" setup vs wired gigabit. I will do some more looking around.

Thanks for the suggestion