'imwheel' has no effect on mouse wheel

imwheel is installed properly but it is having no effect on mouse scroll.
Someone knows why this is happening ?

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Hi @Himanshu

Install imwheel

sudo apt install imwheel

Create the hidden file from /home with the following parameters

nano .imwheelrc

copy and paste the following information. This causes the mouse scroll speed to increase in all applications.

None, Up,   Button4, 3
None, Down, Button5, 3

You can change the number 3 to the number of lines you want to scroll when navigating.

Start imwheel


Terminate or kill the process whenever you like

killall imwheel

It worked for me, video link if anyone wants to watch it. The video is not of my authorship. It is in Spanish Velocidad scroll demasiado lento LINUX - YouTube

You can see these same parameters at IMWheel - ArchWiki