Increase the number of Recent Documents in MATE panel


Hello all,

I’m trying to find any settings where I can increase the number of Recent Documents in the MATE panel under the Places menu from the default 10, which is frankly limiting for my usual workflow.

Going through the dConf editor I can see two settings under org > mate > gnome-main-menu > file-area:

max-total-items=8 : determines the limit of items in the file-area. The number of favorite items is not limited. This limit applies to the number of recent items, i.e. the number of recent items displayed is limited to max_total_items - the number of favorite items. If the number of favorite items exceeds max_total_items - min_recent_items then this limit is ignored.

min-recent-item=2 : determines the minimum number of items in the “recent” section of the file-area.

But I’m unsure this is it. The math doesn’t add up to 10. So I don’t want to mess with these values in fear of breaking something else. Besides this looks like a Caja setting and not the menu panel.

Where can I change this value? Or can I?


Hi @marfig,

just double click the box and change the value to what you want, the defaults button is at the bottom! (Set to Default):


Unfortunately that didn’t change anything @wolfman

Set to 20 and even after restarting MATE, the Recent Documents menu item in the MATE menu on the desktop panel still can only display 10 items at most.


Maybe 10 is the maximum?. :confused:


I’ve just been looking for how to do this after upgrading to 16.10, this is much more straightforward in 16.10.

in dconf editor go to org > mate > mate-menu > plugins > recent > num-recent-docs

Set ‘Use default value’ to ‘off’ and enter a ‘Custom value’ of your choice and ‘Apply’


I’ve just installed 17.10 and dconf editor has disappeared.



Hi Coinneach,

have you looked in the Software Boutique to see if it is indeed installed/missing?: