Independent workspaces on multiple monitors

I have ThinkPad X230 hooked up to external monitor. I would like to use both of them to their full potential. Unfortunately I noticed that if I change workspace on external monitor then the same happens on laptop screen.

Is it possible to change workspaces independently on both screens?

Ubuntu Mate 16.04.1 LTS
MATE Desktop Environment 1.12.1

Hi draco, welcome to our forums.

Is this what you want?

This one is build into the window manager so I wonder if compiz has a plugin. Maybe a compiz guru (@tiox) would know.

I never done something like that but a I can give some more links…

You know if compiz has a plugin available? Or if it's being developed?

Hi, I'm OP. So I don't have the answer for you but since I'm still on the same installation I did in 2016 when I asked this question (of course I upgraded it since then at least half a dozen times by now), clearly I somehow work with non independent workspaces.

Since I couldn't find reliable way of doing independent workspaces I just got use to it and honestly today I love it. If I need for some window to "stay with me" when I'm switching to another workspace, I simply mark it as "Show on all workspaces" and I never loose it. I think there's even shortcut for that but I simply just mark it manually.