Indicator Applet Complete and Indicators in general

I don't know how to direct the system indicators (CPUFreq, Keyboard LED, Network) into Indicator Applet Complete.

When I add those indicators they are added to the base panel where ever they like and cannot be moved. And Indicator Applet Complete just has the text "No Indicators" in it.

What's the trick?

Hi on my UM22.04.2 the network indicator shows in both shots of my top panel. I also have Notifications installed which then shows the Keyboard LED. Checking found I had multiple Notifications installed in panel and after removing all the LED indicator vanished. Added Notification and it works. Seems like some apps are not aware of the Indicator Applet Complete, for instance my TruCrypt (VeraCrypt) shows in the Notification area.
Shown in my Complete are Ksnip, Bluetooth, Alarm Clock Applet, Solaar, Network, Notifications, Battery, Sound, and Computer. Keyboard LED is shown in Notification area.