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When I upgraded to the latest version of MATE I changed my mail client to Evolution as I thought that was becoming default. The 'Indicator Applet Complete' still shows and links to Thunderbird.

Can this be changed over to Evolution?

Thank you

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Hi Jonathan! Under the settings you can choose default applications. There is a great post on it over here

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I have already made Evolution the default mail client. For some reason the Indicator Applet is not picking it up. I suspect there is a config file somewhere for the Indicator applet.

It is an informative website though.

Thanks Again for Replying..:+1:

Has anybody solved this? I'm in the same boat and have just decided to become annoyed by it in recent weeks. (Possibly because I had been usingThunderbird and decided to give Evolution a try for this distro... wasn't too pushed about the applet pointing to Thunderbird in the beginning "just in case".)

Hi @echo59,

what is the output from
gsettings get com.canonical.indicator.messages applications ?

Thanks @ironfoot
Output is


Try to get rid of this thunderbird launcher:
gsettings set com.canonical.indicator.messages applications "[]" .

You may control this via dconf-editor as well, which is a graphical frontend to a settings database.

You will probably have to reload your indicator afterwards, so you may simply log out and log in back.

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Initially I thought that it hadn't worked after a re-boot but I went and made tea and the Evolution indicator is there now..... Weird!

com.canonical.indicator.messages applications is now set to ['org.gnome.Evolution.desktop'] but it must have defaulted to that.


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I don't use mail clients so I am not very familiar with evolution behaviour.
Initially I thought you just wanted to remove thunderbird from indicator-messages. If your goal is to replace it with evolution, it is logical to put evolution launcher in place of thunderbird one.
In my setup, default value for com.canonical.indicator.messages applications is just empty array. Probably, evolution registered itself somehow.

Glad that helped, you're welcome!

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