Indicator Applet panels disable scrolling

Just upgraded to 22.04 and now I can't access items in the indicator panel. The panel has been seemingly resized to a random size, and Up and Down arrows introduced at the top and bottom. However clicking on these doesn't actually allow you to see the obscured items. I can work around it by guessing where the items are (eg log out is the last item, so I can activate it with the up/down/end/page keys), but I'd like to get rid of the arrows completely. There's plenty of room to draw the full panel, so I've no idea why its trying to help me with the scroll arrows. Examples attached as its hard to explain.
Power menu unusable
Sound menu is less crazy

My googling has turned up nothing, but I suspect it would if I hit the magic combination of keywords.

that generally comes with a theme change after you scroll the whole way close it and reopen it it generally will open full size

Thanks for the reply. Pressing the arrows does precisely nothing. I am unable to see the "Sound Preferences" menu item at the bottom of the Sound dropdown, whatever I do, and I have no clue what's in the other menu, as I can't see any of it.
The condition persists across reboots, logouts, changes to window manager. However your comment did prompt me to try different themes, and I see that about half of them display OK, so I'll just switch to one of those.
Now we've narrowed it down to themes, is there a way to clear theme caches, or reset them. Maybe that would be another solution. Anyway, its workable now, so I'll consider this thread closed. Thanks