Initramfs multiple Errors New install

Hello all,

So I just got finished with a new dual boot install. I followed this (To a T), and am unable to boot into Ubuntu.
I’ve seen a lot of similar posts, but none of them with solutions that have worked for me. After spending about 8 hours trying to figure this out, I’m at a loss.
System is a new build, Asus ROG-Strix b-450f (bios updated,AHCI,Fast boot disables, Legacy disabled), Ryzen 3600, RX580, Spectrix S40G NVME SSD. Nvme0n1p5 is /boot, p6 is root/swap. Any suggestions are more than appreciated. Exact errors show below. I can subvert the ACPI errors but it doesn’t help to boot, likewise fsck shows errors in superblocks and reports them as fixed but the same errors appear on reboot. Forgive my mistakes in my error checking, I was several hours into it at that point. The underlying issue appears to be an inability to detect my root.

Hi :slight_smile:
Did you disabled secure boot inside BIOS ?

Yes both fast boot and secure boot are disabled

What is scaring me is that the vg root is not existing.
I can advise you to boot with gparted live and investigate what is really on the hard drive.

Gparted shows the nvme0n1p5 boot and nvme0n1p6 encyrpted partitions

I’ve reinstalled and resolved the issue .
It was due to either:
A) Accidentally setting the /boot UUID as the directory for the crypt_luks root partition
B) Neglecting to set the EFI partition, and assuming it would set automatically to the one created by windows
C) All of the above

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