Install fails (I chose erase everything)

I get the windows recovery screen when I try to boot after installing Ubuntu-mate.
I chose erase everything. I used to have win 10 on my system and I am using the usb to talk to you now.
I installed UEFI without secure boot .
I see that there is still a EFI 512mb parition.

I originally tried this with eOS and got the same error. Then I tried boot-repair and that did not work and yes I fiddled with the BIOS and tried to have 0-yes as the first or next to usb as the boot order.
I thought Mate would work because usually things work better with Mate.

Any clue? Otherwise, I will need to go back to Win 10…
The only way I know how to make this ACER r11 work is by installing windows… then doing something else and then doing alongside and making windows 1gb (making it useless) and the rest as linux. The hard drive is only 32 gb (8gb ram).

Any clues on how to fix this properly.

Seems like advanced boot-repair worked and then I turned on secure boot so I could select shim64
and then it gave a blue screen, but an option to continue and then it started working. I always thought we should have secure boot turned off though.

So, to be clear. Have you fixed this now?

Well yes my problem is fixed, but the bug is still at large. I am a semi-advanced user. Using boot repair and then using advanced options of boot repair is not really acceptable. And I chose “erase everything” when I installed which means that something is very wrong. There should be no compatibility problems.

This is the Ubuntu installer bug because eOS uses the same thing and I got the same results.

To duplicate this would be to do a full windows install. Then choose “erase everything” on mate install for an Acer laptop computer.

Ubuntu 18.04 destoryed my computer in October and I did a full recovery install of win 10. I stayed with Win 10 for 4 months until yesterday. I almost went back to win 10 again.

On the bright side, I came back to Ubuntu Mate from eOS and will stay for some time since you have a Pantheon config. Things usually work better with Mate and support is better. And HUD works too.