Install issue: Ubuntu Mate 16.04 x64 on an Acer Aspire E5 573

I am trying to install Ubuntu Mate 16.04 x64 on an Acer Aspire E5 573 with boot mode set for UEFI. I downloaded the iso image and checked the checksum. I then burned a DVD and then rebooted. The DVD startup menu came up. I checked the DVD for errors. None found. I then installed Ubuntu MATE. It did ask for the partition sizes. The installation seemed to work. I then ejected the DVD and tried to bring up Linux. I used the Insyde H2O Setup utility to enable F12 Boot Menu. When i simply restarted my machine Windows 10 loaded. When I rebooted with the F12 key, the boot menu appeared, but claimed that the only UEFI OS on my system was Windows 10. Is Ubuntu MATE UEFI capable, if so why did it not install properly? When Windows 10 rebooted, it decided that my C: drive was corrupt and “fixed” it.
I searched the Acer and Ubuntu communities but the comments were about earlier firmware versions (V1.15 and V1.25). My firmware version is V1.37. The discussions also included advice about “legacy” mode (I assume they mean BIOS based 32-bit hardware and Master Boot Blocks). I want a 64-bit Linux with UEFI and GUID partitions. That is why I bought a 64-bit machine and tried Ubuntu MATE 16.04 x64. How do I actually install 16.04 and get Windows 10/Ubuntu MATE to both run on my hardware?