Install LiveCode in Ubuntu Mate for rpi 3

I have installed Ubuntu Mate 16.0.4 onto Raspberry Pi 3 and updated it to Has anyone been successful installing LiveCode 6.5.1 or 7.0.4 on that system?

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You need to download an install file from this site:
This is a standard Raspbian 3-15-2016 download that has been booted on a RPi2 and updated per this sites instructions. When loaded on a micro SD card and installed in a RPi3 it will boot ok. Then just install LiveCode 7.0.4 and it works well. It seems that the problem is fixed by booting this image first on a RPi2. If you have both an RPi2 & RPi3 you can do this yourself. Just download the Noobs_v1_9_0 version, install on you card then boot on the RPi2. Then update Raspbian per the instructions on the above site. Once done install in your RPi3 and install LiveCode and you are finished.

Forgive my stupidity, but I cannot see how this relates to installing on UbMate on a Pi3

Hi Derek,
Since the Raspberry Pi use is growing so fast it benefits us to help the beginners who are struggling for good information. Unfortunately, the LiveCode situation isn’t getting the traction that it should be getting. To many promises, not enough action. So when these folks come here and find and answer to their problem, they will remember and as they gain experience hopefully they will realize that Ubuntu is the way to go.

The fact is that in the latest versions of Raspian, LiveCode won’t install on a RPi3 unless you do some tricks. If your lucky enough to have both and RPi2 & RPi3, if you install Noobs 1_9_0 in the micro SD card then boot it in the RPi2 and do an update, that card will now boot an RPi3 and allow LiveCode to be installed. However, if the user just installs Ubuntu Mate 16.04 on their RPi3, LiveCode will install without any tricks.

I have been a long time user of Ubuntu, in fact I started out on UNIX. I’m 75 years young and have been programming for over 50 years. I will use my experience to help where ever I can. So thank you for your comments, your not stupid, maybe just a little to protective of Ubuntu. It will continue to keep doing well as long as we keep supporting it.
Best regards,

Thanks for your remarks.
However, your initial post asked for particular help, and subsequently posted how to install in a different environment - and this seemed not to either help or be relevant.
As to the rest, I’m a little older than you, and have been in the programming field rather longer, in quite a large mix of OS. In unix I started in a number of environments, from small mainframes to early personal computers.
Good luck in your endeavours.