Install printer driver Samsung Xpress M2026W

Version 20.04.3 LTS (Focal Fossa) 64-bit

Kernel Linux 5.13.0-27-generic x86_64

Mate 1.24.0

downloaded the driver and installed it - anyway the system tray does not show the model

downloaded it again from

unpacking shows: file already exists - but in downloads/uld/share/ppd I cannot see the driver

it seems all kinds of drivers were unpacked, but not the required one

the search mode looking for appropiate drivers does not find anything

actually the printer menu shows : Generic CUPS-BRF Printer

address: CUPS-BRF:/

model: Samsung C43x Series - trying to change it -> the search does not show any results

with the normal Ubuntu version I had before on the desktop it worked w/o any problems

connected via USB

If your printer is a Samsung Xpress M2060W, then you might want the Samsung driver rather than the HP driver. Here is where you can get it. Instructions for Linux installation are provided about 2/3 of the way down the page.

sorry - I put in the wrong printer version
the driver site you proposed is the same tar.gz file I already have :frowning:

my brother just told me I could take a work around downloading the windows drivers and search for the PPD file .... it is in the package of the windows drivers .....but where do I put the ppd file then and how do I get linux to find it ?

You do not need to unpack the tar.gz file. I have attached the screenshot of the instructions from the Samsung site.

As an alternative to all this, since you are using Ubuntu MATE, you could try the Postscript Printer App snap package available here: Install ps-printer-app on Linux | Snap Store


nope - I am lost

double-click on the did not work after extracting the tar.gz file

the snapcraft idea neither...

root@ubu-System-Product-Name:~# snap install snapcraft --classic # version 6.0.2

snapcraft 6.0.2 aus Canonical✓ installiert

root@ubu-System-Product-Name:~# snapcraft snap

Running with 'sudo' may cause permission errors and is discouraged. Use 'sudo' when cleaning.

Could not find snap/snapcraft.yaml. Are you sure you are in the right directory?

To start a new project, use snapcraft init

root@ubu-System-Product-Name:~# snapcraft init

Created snap/snapcraft.yaml.

Go to for more information about the snapcraft.yaml format.

root@ubu-System-Product-Name:~# sudo snap install --dangerous ps-printer-app_1.0_amd64.snap

Fehler: cannot open: "ps-printer-app_1.0_amd64.snap"

now I have a snap directoy full of garbage

before it wants me to remove the below files ... create /local with mkdir

but cannot remove the below directories into /local (did not apply any rights to/local I guess)

I can only delete them - but what happens then ? stalled system ??

Running with 'sudo' may cause permission errors and is discouraged. Use 'sudo' when cleaning.

The 'snap' directory is meant specifically for snapcraft, but it contains the following non-snapcraft-related paths, which is unsupported and will cause unexpected behavior:

  • bluez

  • bluez/299

  • bluez/common

  • bluez/current

  • ps-printer-app

  • ps-printer-app/691

  • ps-printer-app/common

  • ps-printer-app/current

  • snapcraft

  • snapcraft/7010

  • snapcraft/common

  • snapcraft/current

  • ubuntu-mate-welcome

  • ubuntu-mate-welcome/646

  • ubuntu-mate-welcome/657

  • ubuntu-mate-welcome/common

  • ubuntu-mate-welcome/current

If you must store these files within the 'snap' directory, move them to 'snap/local', which is ignored by snapcraft.

Support for 'multipass' needs to be set up. Would you like to do it now? [y/N]: N

found a ppd-file in snap /ps-printer-app/current/usr/share/ppd/generic-ps-printer.ppd

but nothing printing

(and before I should remove the above directories ... )

so apt-get remove snap etc ?