Install ubuntu mate intel nuc NUC13ANHi5

Hi, I have a problem, I bought an intel nuc, the problem is that the installation system doesn't work, it always crashes, and it gives me an error tried with ubuntu, ubuntu-mate, xubuntu. Always the same error. Is there a way to install Ubuntu on this little box? Other distributions work debian, fedora, manjaro.
Installer not works.

HI Andrea,

You probably tried Ubuntu-MATE 24.04 LTS which has some known install problems on some hardware.

Install 22.04 LTS instead, it is the better choice at this moment.

Wait a few months before upgrading to 24.04 LTS.
The update-manager will prompt you when it is safe to upgrade.

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Hopefully, the following links could be useful:

Good luck!

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the installer was the problem I installed 23.10 without problems and then I upgraded the version, thank you all for your time