Install UM 16.10 to sda2

I am trying to install UM 16.10 to sda2.

However I am bogged down at the format step.

Version 16.04 is on sda1 which I want to keep.

It wanted to erase files on sda1 so I aborted the install.

I could sure use some help.

I tried to take some screenshots but the install CD will not let me save to a flash drive or my other partition.

When installer asks where you want to install Ubuntu MATE choose “Something else”.

Then installer will show your partition layout. Mark partition sda2. Click “Change”. Mount point should be set to “/” (without quotes). Filesystem should be “ext4”.

Don’t change partition size. If a warning about partition size comes up ignore that.

Check that no other partitions except sda2 are marked for formatting.

Then you are ready to click the install button.


I got it installed (UM 17.04) fine.

But as in a previous version, Bluetooth does not work. ?

So, that’s a different topic then with your bluetooth. Can you please mark this topic as solved and choose a solution?

I forgot how to mark it as solved.


Thanks. It looks like it is already marked solved.